Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woolen Wishes

Now are those not the cutest pants you have ever seen? I certainly think that they are and they were knit by Ryann of Woolen Wishes. The yarn she used was Chai Latte dyed by Mosaic Moon on Organic BFL and is to die for.
Now the knitting is what this post is supposed to be about and there is so much I can say about Ryann's knitting. She does such a wonderful job that I have had her knit more than one item for us. The fit is always perfect, they hold up to lots of wear and you can never find any flaws either.
For this pair she even ordered trim yarn for me since I didn't have matching trim to go with the yarn.
Ryann is known for going above and beyond and making sure that you the customer is happy. We have several pairs of her longies, some that she made well over a year ago that are still being worn and you would never know that they are older than the newest pair.
So if you are in the market to have something knit up, be sure to check out Woolen Wishes because you will not be disappointed in the service or the quality!!

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