Monday, December 1, 2008

She Sews Bows: Review and Giveaway!

Now I know I have reviewed another mama's bows and I love them just as much. This mama has been simply amazing to work with and has patiently worked with me through deciding what it is I want in my bows. Now this is no easy task because I usually have an idea and know what I think I want, but I also know that I have to keep the size of the bows reasonable which is limiting to me and I don't always keep that in mind when I send out a request.
That being said, Beth from She Sews Bows knows how to do just about everything I want and still keep them in a size that will work for us. So it really was no surprise that when I needed bows to go see Disney on Ice that she was able to make them for me and make them just what I was needing.
The bows are made in such a way that they sit very nicely above the piggy tales for my daughter. She never complains when she is wearing these bows and for the FIRST time ever threw a fit when I took them out.
The quality of these bows is just perfect. They are very securely attached and put together.
Beth has made us other bows as well and of course they are perfect. The sizing has never been off. I need smaller ones for 20 month old than for my 4 year old and this is never a problem. We actually have the most adorable yellow and brown bows that my other daughter wore to Disney on Ice, but the photos of them didn't turn out nearly as nice.
Now for the best part, Beth sent me 4 sets of 3 adorable bows each to offer as a giveaway to all you lucky readers. I am going to offer these up for 2 lucky winners to each receive 2 sets. All you have to do is visit her store and come back and tell me about 1 set of bows she currently has listed that you would love to have.
Be sure to leave your email address so I have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
Want to earn more chances at winning these adorable bows?
You sure can! Add us to your blog roll and come back and leave me a comment letting me know you have done so.
Want another chance? Subscribe to this blog and post to let me know you have done so!
That is 3 chances to win!
Giveaway ends on December 10th, and I will have these to the lucky winner before Christmas!
Now get to looking at her adorable bows at She Sews Bows! You will be glad you did!


lori said...

okay i'll play. i'm on the hunt for new clippes and bows for dd since she recently has decided they're pretty okay. :)

this one owuld send dd over the moon --

she adores strawberry shortcake and although this isn't obviously, no doubt she would consider it so with the strawberry in the center. it's adorable!

wordgirl at zoope dotcom

Anonymous said...

I love the minnie mouse bow.

karmama said...

Oh! The Boutique Red White Strawberry SheSewsBows Mini Hair Bow is so insanely cute! I would love something like that for my daughter. She's just getting used to me putting stuff in her hair too.
My contact info is in my profile, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the made to match Hanna Andersson All Aflutter bow is really adorable--all of those pretty!


natesgirl said...

ohhh i love love this one

Boutique SheSewsBows Brown Turquoise & White Hair Bow
i love the colors and patterns on the bow
i am natesgirl on the HC forums...

Sam said...

What a great find! This bowmaker has got great talent and makes a beautiful bow!

I love this:

It is adorable and would be perfect for any little girl!


freeshopper said...

the minnie mouse one is cute!

Jocelyn said...


I want to tell you that you are one of the lucky winners to the Hip Mama's Place Christmas Giveaway Event. Congrats!!! :)

Check out the announcement today at:


Ann said...

So, cute. So, girlie.

I would give my 3 year old niece the 3 inch tan & black plaid bow or a Christmas one.
Fun give-a-way...

I am taking the afternoon to read new blogs. I hope you do not mind me stopping by. Feel free to check out my blog. I am also having a give-a-way that will end on Monday. Three winners! :D

Shelley said...

just found the blog - i love it!

and i love love love the strawberry bow. i know it's not a set, but it's so very very cute. :)

sherbein at yahoo ;)

organicmommy said...

posts number 4 and 6 were chosen!
Rachel and Sam you will be getting bows from me soon!!!

Shelley said...

subscribed to the blog, too. i just love what you're doing here, jessica!!