Friday, November 21, 2008

Sublime Threads

Now I don't know a mom that doesn't look for that perfect piece of clothing for their little ones to wear either when they come home from the hospital or even while in the hospital. I know I always have and with my last child I wanted something special for while in the hospital as well. So I spoke with Sonya of Sublime Threads to make us a Bamboo Velour Kimono shirt for him to wear right after he was born. It is the softest sweetest little shirt and anyone would be happy to wear it, especially next to that tender new skin of a baby.
Now I have other clothing that has been made by Sonya including lots of boxer briefs for my oldest and several different sets I have used for photos over the years.
Sonya works hard to have perfection when she makes her clothes. You would be hard pressed to find a seam or a stitch that was not perfect. It doesn't matter if you want something for you special little girl or your special little boy, Sonya will make it. And it will last for years to come.
She is wonderful to work with and makes sure that what she is making is exactly what you were hoping it would be.
Be sure to check her out and get that special piece you have been wanting!
Sublime Threads

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