Monday, November 24, 2008


When I started my quest for the perfect set for my ds it was all about the Dotty Owls fabric. Imagine my excitement when I saw Selah stocked the yarn that matched it perfectly. However the excitement was very short lived as I was unable to snag it before someone else got it. The excitement soon returned when I found out that a wonderful friend had worked with Lisa and Julie to have to custom dyed for me. I would be able to make the perfect longies to go with my set. I could hardly contain my excitement when it arrived.
The yarn that arrived was Honey Organic Merino and boy is it ever divine. Ever so soft and squishy, truely the perfect yarn to put on a newborn baby.
To explain the excitement I had better, you have to understand that normally when yarn arrives to me it sits for a while. I have to become inspired to knit it up. Not this, Within only a couple of days I had this yarn on the needles, the only sad thing is that its such a wonderful yarn to knit with and the pants were so tiny that it didn't take nearly long enough to knit them up. I also made a pair of matching booties for my son out of this same yarn.
Selah yarns are wonderful. This was not the first time I had gotten yarn from these 2 wonderful ladies and every time I knit it up it amazes me again and again. From the way that the yarn goes together to the beauty of the end result.
If you have never had yarn that has been dyed up by Selah you are truely missing out, so hurry and get some! You will glad you did!

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Lisa/HealingPixie said...

Lisa and Julie are amazing. Not only do they create beautiful things, they are both 2 of the nicest and inspiring woman as well.