Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Pretty Boutique

As a mom to 2 girls that don't have a lot of hair, making them look like princess's has always been important to me. Who doesn't get tired of hearing "hold old is he?" when you are walking with your daughter? I know I always have.
So my quest for bows began as soon as my oldest had enough hair to possibly put them in. In that quest I found Kathy from I'm Pretty Boutique. Kathy made the first bows we ever had and we still have them to use as well.
These bows were made in the infant size as to not overwhelm my children's heads but would still add the cuteness factor.
I have never been disappointed in these bows and they have lasted over 3 years with no problems what so ever. They are made from top quality ribbon on alligator clips. They have been heat sealed to prevent fraying and they just work great.
So if you are looking for adorable bows in all shapes and sizes be sure to check out Kathy, you will be glad you did!
I'm Pretty Boutique

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