Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hillbilly Bunny

Here is another favorite cloth diaper maker. Deana of Hillbilly Bunny makes some amazing cloth diapers. She makes more than one style and its hard for me to say that ones style is more a favorite than the next. She makes AIO's (shown) Pockets and fitteds.
These diapers are all super trim yet are very absorbent. She uses the best materials she can find and will work with you 100% of the way in making them just what you want.
Do you have a child that doesn't fit the standard sizing? Well just let her know and she will custom make them for the sizing you need.
I really can not say enough about how well these hold up. I have used them with 2 children and have had no problems with either of them. The sewing is amazing, the quality can't be beat and the customer service is really top knotch.
She also makes cloth menstrual pads as well which you won't be disappointed in either.
So be sure to check her out. You won't be sad you did

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