Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doll Diaper...First Giveaway

I am going to offer the 1st giveaway. You are getting a chance to win a doll diaper made by me. You can see more items from me at
These doll diapers were designed for my oldest daughter. She has a hard time with snaps on diapers and so I wanted something with velcro that she could easily work. Another specification is that they had to fit a wide range of dolls because she doesn't have just one size that she plays with.
These diapers feature elastic in the legs and the back to ensure that they will fit nicely on many sizes of dolls. They have high quality velcro to hold them shut with a cross over so that they don't fall off the smaller dolls. They are all made with either high quality woven fabrics or flannel.
As an added bonus you can get these made so that they are waterproof with an absorbancy layer inside for your special baby alive dolls as well.

To win this giveaway you need to visit any one of the stores that I have reviewed between now and noon on December 1st, then come back and post a comment here about one item with a link to it that you liked that they had to offer.
I will then take all the entries and use to pick the winner.


Becca said...

Oh I just checked out Hillbilly Bunny and found this yummy wool wash bar!

Who wouldn't love black raspberry and vanilla?!


Lisa/HealingPixie said...

Sam from My Beautiful Girl has the cutest retro style woolies for 100% HC$ right now. So cute in fact I bid on them a few times and I do not even have a baby to put them on.
And the Ruffle Buttz that she came out with a while back are in stock as well- just 1 pair so grab them up quick.

Sara said...

deana at hillbilly bunny is a rock star :) she makes the most trim dipes eva! we were lucky enough to have some of her first dipes and they were perfection. our first was a rainbow dip like the one shown at the bottom of the page.....she has them at her wont be dissapinted!

Carrie said...

I checked Sam at MBG. Her wet bags are devoom and I am dying to have a custom from her *cough* there's one coming up at Artist soon... but it's mine!!!*

Danielle said...

I love the bows on Ellie-Jayne Designs, especially the Christmas Peppermint bows!
Teh diapers with velcro for dolls is such a great idea!

organicmommy said...

Thanks everyone! The winner is Lisa/HealingPixie!

Lisa/HealingPixie said...

I am so excited. Taya is going to love this. I will be sure to post about them once it gets here. Great idea to make this blog about shops. I love to know personal views on products/vendors.