Thursday, November 20, 2008

Can I review you?

Do you want to have a review listed here I would love to do it!
All I would need is for you to provide the item you want to be reviewed so that I can try it out. Then I will write my review which will include links to your stores, can include your email address as well. Plus I will include at least 1 photo in my review of your item that was reviewed.

Want to offer a giveaway too? That would be great! I would love to offer it up. The giveaways have to be completely free to the winner. The contestants will be required to go to your site and come back and comment on an item that they see you have for sale or that you make that they like. Then after a set amount of time I will use to pick the winner. Shipping from you is the easiest way to go however if you prefer I can have you ship to me and I will ship out to the winner as well.

Do you want it to be a contest, that would be fine as well, we can work out the details and get it posted.

Lets spread the word and help everyone know that WAHM made is the best way to go!

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