Thursday, December 18, 2008

Katydid Creations

How cute is this little outfit? When looking for clothes for my children I try to find things that will either last a long time and wear well to go through more than one child OR that is going to fit for a long time on the child it was bought for. This one gets so many things just right. It will fit my daughter for quite awhile with the style it is. It is so well made that it will last for years to come and wash after wash it still looks like new.
Kate from Katydid Creations has made us several outfits that are timeless in design, the craftsmanship is wonderful and her attention to detail is just amazing.
Kate is a dream to work with and does everything possible to make the outfit exactly how you want it.
Besides childrens clothes Kate also makes baby carriers, hooded towels, tutus, adult clothes, handbags and so much more.
So if you are looking for that perfect gift or just want to treat yourself, be sure to check out Katydid Creations!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crochet Funtime

I recently had the chance to try out one of Jessica from Crochet Funtime's soap savers and I have to say that these are really nice. For starters they really do hold a full size bar of soap which in past experiences this isn't always true. Then another thing that was awesome about this one was that the soap can actually get through the knitting. My husband was really leary of it because in the past the idea was great but they didn't always work as they should, but he is not a lover of them. I am thinking that I am going to have to get some more for the family as he has taken this one so I don't have one anymore.
The knitting is wonderful on this adorable soap saver and the cotton yarn is oh so soft to use.
All in all I am very impressed with the soap saver and will for sure be getting more.
In addition to soap savers she makes adorable soft foods for your little ones to play with in their kitchens, wash clothes, wool pants shorts and soakers, coffee cozies and so much more.
So if you are looking for a gift for someone that is hard to please, be sure to check out Crochet Funtime, I am sure you will be glad that you did.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wiffy Bean Bags

Last year I was lucky enough to get some Wiffy Bean Bags and Wiffy See Its. If you don't know what these are you are for sure missing out. They are bean bags with wonderful smells that work great for play or for in drawers etc. I have had them hang in my car for air fresheners and love them so much more than anything I can get at the store in the auto department. My oldest daughter will walk around sniffing them for hours and now calls all bean bags Wiffys.
The Wiffy See Its are like and Eye Spy book in the form of a bag that has little trinkets hidden inside of poly pelets. How much more fun could it get. We have 2 of them, one for each of the girls and they dearly love them. You can have endless fun with them because the trinkets move around in the bag, they are never in the same place when you are looking.
Leah is wonderful to work with as well, she will work with you on finding a scent that you will love and her craftsman ship is perfect.
So if you are looking for a little something for yourself, or children of many ages, take a look at Wiffy Bean Bags, you will be glad that you did!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Woolen Wishes

Now are those not the cutest pants you have ever seen? I certainly think that they are and they were knit by Ryann of Woolen Wishes. The yarn she used was Chai Latte dyed by Mosaic Moon on Organic BFL and is to die for.
Now the knitting is what this post is supposed to be about and there is so much I can say about Ryann's knitting. She does such a wonderful job that I have had her knit more than one item for us. The fit is always perfect, they hold up to lots of wear and you can never find any flaws either.
For this pair she even ordered trim yarn for me since I didn't have matching trim to go with the yarn.
Ryann is known for going above and beyond and making sure that you the customer is happy. We have several pairs of her longies, some that she made well over a year ago that are still being worn and you would never know that they are older than the newest pair.
So if you are in the market to have something knit up, be sure to check out Woolen Wishes because you will not be disappointed in the service or the quality!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

She Sews Bows: Review and Giveaway!

Now I know I have reviewed another mama's bows and I love them just as much. This mama has been simply amazing to work with and has patiently worked with me through deciding what it is I want in my bows. Now this is no easy task because I usually have an idea and know what I think I want, but I also know that I have to keep the size of the bows reasonable which is limiting to me and I don't always keep that in mind when I send out a request.
That being said, Beth from She Sews Bows knows how to do just about everything I want and still keep them in a size that will work for us. So it really was no surprise that when I needed bows to go see Disney on Ice that she was able to make them for me and make them just what I was needing.
The bows are made in such a way that they sit very nicely above the piggy tales for my daughter. She never complains when she is wearing these bows and for the FIRST time ever threw a fit when I took them out.
The quality of these bows is just perfect. They are very securely attached and put together.
Beth has made us other bows as well and of course they are perfect. The sizing has never been off. I need smaller ones for 20 month old than for my 4 year old and this is never a problem. We actually have the most adorable yellow and brown bows that my other daughter wore to Disney on Ice, but the photos of them didn't turn out nearly as nice.
Now for the best part, Beth sent me 4 sets of 3 adorable bows each to offer as a giveaway to all you lucky readers. I am going to offer these up for 2 lucky winners to each receive 2 sets. All you have to do is visit her store and come back and tell me about 1 set of bows she currently has listed that you would love to have.
Be sure to leave your email address so I have a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.
Want to earn more chances at winning these adorable bows?
You sure can! Add us to your blog roll and come back and leave me a comment letting me know you have done so.
Want another chance? Subscribe to this blog and post to let me know you have done so!
That is 3 chances to win!
Giveaway ends on December 10th, and I will have these to the lucky winner before Christmas!
Now get to looking at her adorable bows at She Sews Bows! You will be glad you did!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ellie-Jayne Designs

What mom of little girls doesn't love bows? I know I am one that adores them and I am always on the lookout for the perfect bows for each outfit.
When I saw these from Ellie-Jayne Designs that were m2m the apples and pears fabric I knew that I had to have them. The apples and pears outfit was made for my daughter for her birthday and I wanted to have her 4 year pictures taken in it as well.
When these bows arrived they were more than I could imagine. Perfectly put together, and more ribbons than I could count. I sure wish I knew how these bow makers do it because they have some awesome talent.
I love that all the colors of the fabric have been used and that they accent the fabric perfectly.
My daughter loves them because they are on the larger size. She has always had smaller bows because, well she doesn't have a lot of hair. So when she saw that she got to wear big bows she was just glowing.
This mama was wonderful to work with as well. She prefers to use a different style of barrett but when asked to use the alligator clip she was able to do that as well. Not to mention the super fast shipping that she was able to do for the mama that waited til the very last minute possible to order the bows.
I am always amazed at how much wahm's will do to make sure that you have what you need when you need it.
So the next time you are looking for that special bow, be sure to check with Ellie-Jayne Designs, she may just have what you need.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Remember to enter the giveaway here
while you are here! Everyone needs a chance to win!
More will be added as I receive them, I will be putting up some awesome bows next week, right after I post the review for them! They are super awesome so you won't want to miss it!


When I started my quest for the perfect set for my ds it was all about the Dotty Owls fabric. Imagine my excitement when I saw Selah stocked the yarn that matched it perfectly. However the excitement was very short lived as I was unable to snag it before someone else got it. The excitement soon returned when I found out that a wonderful friend had worked with Lisa and Julie to have to custom dyed for me. I would be able to make the perfect longies to go with my set. I could hardly contain my excitement when it arrived.
The yarn that arrived was Honey Organic Merino and boy is it ever divine. Ever so soft and squishy, truely the perfect yarn to put on a newborn baby.
To explain the excitement I had better, you have to understand that normally when yarn arrives to me it sits for a while. I have to become inspired to knit it up. Not this, Within only a couple of days I had this yarn on the needles, the only sad thing is that its such a wonderful yarn to knit with and the pants were so tiny that it didn't take nearly long enough to knit them up. I also made a pair of matching booties for my son out of this same yarn.
Selah yarns are wonderful. This was not the first time I had gotten yarn from these 2 wonderful ladies and every time I knit it up it amazes me again and again. From the way that the yarn goes together to the beauty of the end result.
If you have never had yarn that has been dyed up by Selah you are truely missing out, so hurry and get some! You will glad you did!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Desert Blooms

When I was gifted this yarn I knew it had to be something special but I didn't know what at that time so I put it away. About a month later I found out I was pregnant with my third baby. Ohh I knew then, it had to be a sleep sack for the baby.
So I contacted Bridgette from Desert Blooms to knit it up for me. Now if you have never seen something knit by Bridgette you are missing out because she puts a lot of detail into each and everything she makes. It is hard to see in the pictures but at the bottom of the sleep sack and the base of the hat she used an adorable decorative stitch to make it stand out. I had her make it long as my babies are not usually on the small side and I am glad that I did. When ds was born he was able to be up inside of it nicely and as he grew I was able to pull it down at the waist to make it last longer. Sadly he has outgrown it now but for the time we had it, it was well loved.
Know the knitting by Bridgette is some of the best you can find, you would not be disappointed if you gave your 100% creative freedom and let her go at it as she just has a way with making things that are super special. So take a look or send her an email to see if she is available for a custom spot because every little one needs at least one piece of wool from Bridgette.
Desert Blooms

I'm Pretty Boutique

As a mom to 2 girls that don't have a lot of hair, making them look like princess's has always been important to me. Who doesn't get tired of hearing "hold old is he?" when you are walking with your daughter? I know I always have.
So my quest for bows began as soon as my oldest had enough hair to possibly put them in. In that quest I found Kathy from I'm Pretty Boutique. Kathy made the first bows we ever had and we still have them to use as well.
These bows were made in the infant size as to not overwhelm my children's heads but would still add the cuteness factor.
I have never been disappointed in these bows and they have lasted over 3 years with no problems what so ever. They are made from top quality ribbon on alligator clips. They have been heat sealed to prevent fraying and they just work great.
So if you are looking for adorable bows in all shapes and sizes be sure to check out Kathy, you will be glad you did!
I'm Pretty Boutique

The Threaded Branch

How completely adorable is this beach shot of my 2 oldest children? It was made the perfection I was looking for by Karrie at The Threaded Branch has a way of making things that are just fun to use and grow with your children. The set that have shown my girls wearing was made when my youngest was only a few months old and my oldest was almost 3. The babies shirt/dress was used until she was almost 18 months old. The style was just amazing.
On top of how long it will last she was great to work with and knew how to make it work the best. The prints for these shirts are the same yet different. One is made with the large bold print and the other made with the smaller version as to not overwhelm the children. She also included bloomers for the baby so that it could be used as a dress to start with but would still work as a shirt later.
Karrie is wonderful to work with when you don't know what it is you want for sure, or you see something you like but it isn't the right size. Her attention to detail is extraordinary. Each seam was perfectly sewn to last for many years to come.
If you are one of the lucky ones to get a chance to work with Karrie you will not be disappointed. She will make your dreams come true when it comes to an outfit for your beauties.
So take a look and enjoy!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sublime Threads

Now I don't know a mom that doesn't look for that perfect piece of clothing for their little ones to wear either when they come home from the hospital or even while in the hospital. I know I always have and with my last child I wanted something special for while in the hospital as well. So I spoke with Sonya of Sublime Threads to make us a Bamboo Velour Kimono shirt for him to wear right after he was born. It is the softest sweetest little shirt and anyone would be happy to wear it, especially next to that tender new skin of a baby.
Now I have other clothing that has been made by Sonya including lots of boxer briefs for my oldest and several different sets I have used for photos over the years.
Sonya works hard to have perfection when she makes her clothes. You would be hard pressed to find a seam or a stitch that was not perfect. It doesn't matter if you want something for you special little girl or your special little boy, Sonya will make it. And it will last for years to come.
She is wonderful to work with and makes sure that what she is making is exactly what you were hoping it would be.
Be sure to check her out and get that special piece you have been wanting!
Sublime Threads

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Doll Diaper...First Giveaway

I am going to offer the 1st giveaway. You are getting a chance to win a doll diaper made by me. You can see more items from me at
These doll diapers were designed for my oldest daughter. She has a hard time with snaps on diapers and so I wanted something with velcro that she could easily work. Another specification is that they had to fit a wide range of dolls because she doesn't have just one size that she plays with.
These diapers feature elastic in the legs and the back to ensure that they will fit nicely on many sizes of dolls. They have high quality velcro to hold them shut with a cross over so that they don't fall off the smaller dolls. They are all made with either high quality woven fabrics or flannel.
As an added bonus you can get these made so that they are waterproof with an absorbancy layer inside for your special baby alive dolls as well.

To win this giveaway you need to visit any one of the stores that I have reviewed between now and noon on December 1st, then come back and post a comment here about one item with a link to it that you liked that they had to offer.
I will then take all the entries and use to pick the winner.

Hillbilly Bunny

Here is another favorite cloth diaper maker. Deana of Hillbilly Bunny makes some amazing cloth diapers. She makes more than one style and its hard for me to say that ones style is more a favorite than the next. She makes AIO's (shown) Pockets and fitteds.
These diapers are all super trim yet are very absorbent. She uses the best materials she can find and will work with you 100% of the way in making them just what you want.
Do you have a child that doesn't fit the standard sizing? Well just let her know and she will custom make them for the sizing you need.
I really can not say enough about how well these hold up. I have used them with 2 children and have had no problems with either of them. The sewing is amazing, the quality can't be beat and the customer service is really top knotch.
She also makes cloth menstrual pads as well which you won't be disappointed in either.
So be sure to check her out. You won't be sad you did

My Beautiful Girl

There is a lot to say for Sam of My Beautiful Girl. She makes some of the most beautiful items for the entire family. Today I am going to review her cloth diapers.
I was lucky enough to have a couple of her cloth diapers when my son was born. They looked so soft and squishy and fun to use. To say the least it added the excitement of his arrival.
This was the first diaper I put on him when he was born. Its made of Organic Bamboo Velour on the inside and out. The edges have been serged perfectly and the snaps are put on with a professional snap press.
This diaper was like Luxury. Every use was as good as the first. It included a nice snap down to prevent the diaper from hitting on the cord and causing irritation.
The diaper that I have shown is a size Newborn and my son was anything but small. He was born weighing almost 10 lbs and this diaper fit him great from day one and continued to fit him for about the first 6 weeks. It is too short in the rise now but that is to be expected since he is nearly 14 lbs and 25 inches long now.
I am so glad to have had this diaper to use and will continue to business with Sam for many years to come. She has so much to offer including boxer briefs for the children and adults in your life, clothing for all ages and sizes, and even offers some great toys.
Be sure to check her out at
you never know what you may find.

Can I review you?

Do you want to have a review listed here I would love to do it!
All I would need is for you to provide the item you want to be reviewed so that I can try it out. Then I will write my review which will include links to your stores, can include your email address as well. Plus I will include at least 1 photo in my review of your item that was reviewed.

Want to offer a giveaway too? That would be great! I would love to offer it up. The giveaways have to be completely free to the winner. The contestants will be required to go to your site and come back and comment on an item that they see you have for sale or that you make that they like. Then after a set amount of time I will use to pick the winner. Shipping from you is the easiest way to go however if you prefer I can have you ship to me and I will ship out to the winner as well.

Do you want it to be a contest, that would be fine as well, we can work out the details and get it posted.

Lets spread the word and help everyone know that WAHM made is the best way to go!

Pink Lemonade Jewelry

It was not easy deciding which wahm I wanted to do a review of first. We have many wonderful items around the house that we just love, but I made my choice.
Sue from Pink Lemonade had made us a lot of wonderful jewelry for both myself and for my oldest daughter and she is now adding to that list with the set she made for my youngest daughter and also a necklace for my husband. Her attention to detail is just amazing and she has a way with putting the bead and crystals together that would amaze anyone.
The set shown is the set that will go to my youngest daughter for Christmas this year. Its her first set just for her and its amazing.
Now I know you can go anywhere and get jewelry but can you guarentee that the jewelry you are getting will be made with love? Sue loves every piece she makes and makes it with pride. She takes care to make sure that the jewelry that she makes will last for a long time to come.
And she doesn't just make jewelry either, she makes cloth menstrual pads, stitch markers, lip balms and other items that will be coming soon!
So be sure to take a look at her store, she has a lot of things available or if you want something special, send her an email, shes always great at making just what you want!

Where we came from

As a stay home mom to 3 children I am always on the look out for unique toys, clothes and gifts. It doesn't matter if its for me, my children or friends and family, I much prefer to support another mom, dad or local business. I try to avoid going into box stores to get anything that I can. Well in my quest to find new and unique things I have found the world of wahm's (work at home moms), myself being one of them now and I want to do something to spotlight them. So it came to me, lets have a blog of reviews and giveaways to help get the word out about all the other wahm's in the world. Lets get handmade items in the hands of more people and get them to realize that there is more out there than you will find at the big box stores.
I am going to start this blog with items that we have around our home that I have gotten for my family. I am going to give reviews for you to see that these items are as good or better than anything that is mass produced.
You too will see that with the love that is put into these items they will soon be your favorites and you too will be searching out more wahm made things to fill your home with. Some items will be loved for years to come and be able to be passed down from generation to generation. Other items will help the environment in more ways than one, be it keeping paper products out of the landfill, using less or no pesticides on products when they are grown to be used, or just supporting local rather than getting your items made in other countries.

I hope you will stay with me as I start my journey of wahm made goodies! And keep your eyes out for giveaways that will be posted as we have them to post!